Will Hollins situation in Memphis affect Mark Jackson?
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The Golden State Warriors can learn a thing or two about the hilarious situation in Memphis, where the front office has told head coach Lionel Hollins that he has the legal right to find a job other than the one he’s about to lose.

The reason, boiled down from a report by Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, is that Hollins wanted the numbers-addicted front office to let him run his team on the actual basketball floor, and the front office thought it was their floor to begin with. As a result, Hollins is now cast as the wise old head who understands players’ sensibilities and gets them to achieve because and despite them. He is also cast out, because too few people now in the game recognize the value in that.

That is the Warriors’ situation, at least to the point where their own head coach, Mark Jackson, will have to occasionally remind his own front office that there ought to be a separation between church and state, especially now that designated backup interim replacement on call Michael Malone has taken the full-time gig in Sacramento. He has been left relatively alone so far, but that can always change because front offices always think they know more and better.

Well, all we can say to all of that is, “Remember The Timberwolves! Remember David Kahn!” And that Memphis’ doctrinaire misfortune is one more example of Golden State’s obvious good luck. After all, Denver lost general manager Masai Ujiri to Toronto already, and the Clippers are just plain nuts.


There was 5:08 left in the Eastern Conference finals when LeBron James decided to indulge himself by shaking hands with and hugging David Beckham, this making him the new Red Auerbach’s cigar.

If he wonders what that means, tell him it’s like Sir Alex Ferguson throwing his soccer shoes at him, only with a smile.


If Floyd Mayweather bet almost $6 million on Miami, I want to see the betting slip. Nobody takes that much action. But if he reported he had bet almost $6 million on Indiana, I would totally believe that. I would even want that to happen.


Ohio State’s babbler-in-chief Gordon Gee ducked a commitment to be the commencement speaker at St. Francis De Sales High School in Columbus, because he didn’t want to be the focus of the day. Ecch. Gutlessness.

He should have gone right there and said, “Kids, I’m what happens when academic accomplishment and a love of the limelight collide. Kids, I’m dumb as hell because I forget how things work in the 21st century sometimes. Kids, you can avoid these things, and I will explain to you how you can do that. No, wait, no I won’t. I’m running away and buggering off because I'm rich and powerful and wear a bow tie and I don't have to own myself. Let that be your lesson, graduates. If you can duck your responsibilties, well, why the hell not?”


And finally, Chris Kluwe, the new Raider punter, is skipping a trip to the White House to be honored for his role in supporting LGBT people and gay marriage because of a minicamp back in Alameda. He may be cut, but it won’t be because his priorities are backwards.

Or, if you’re not a football fan, because his priorities are frontwards.