Raiders acquire Flynn, but anything remains possible
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Trusting the Internet on a day like this is such a bad idea that the news from both sides of the Bay seems too . . . well, weird to be true.

The Raiders have signed Matt Flynn, the former Seattle ghost, clearly with an eye toward shedding themselves of Carson Palmer, or as we have come to know him, Hue Jackson’s Big Surprise.

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And the 49ers, not to be underdone, decided that their quarterback situation needed competition, so they assigned Colt McCoy to threaten Scott Tolzien.

The difference here, of course, is that Flynn is far more important in the larger scheme, because the plan is for him to start for the Battling Woebegones, while McCoy may not even survive training camp.

Because of that, we will focus more on Flynn, who had enough of two big games in Green Bay to dazzle Seattle, and then lost his chance to consolidate his big gain when Russell Wilson stole his job and the state’s heart.

McCoy? Pretty much meh, wall to wall.

Flynn’s best attribute seems to be that he isn’t as good as Wilson or Aaron Rodgers, and that doesn’t seem to be a lot by way of attribution. The bigger game was his 31-for-44/480/6/1 performance against Detroit in the 2011 What-The-Hell game, and that alone, evidently, was worth three years and $26 million, $10 million of which was guaranteed.

Evidently Seattle got drunk that day.

Now he is the Raiders’ transitional figure in this, their 11th transitional year. He will be surrounded by a group of men who have noticed that the truck idling by the back door loading bay is taking away players, which others in HazMat suits are hosing down the final vestiges of the Davis and Jackson Eras. And Flynn is apparently being designated to be the pressure washer.

It seems like a thankless enough task on its face, and that doesn’t include the possibility that Mark Davis could get a wild boar in his head and decide to clean out the place again; he seems to be remarkably non-tranquil in the face of yet another difficult year for the Swords Through The Head.

And if that happens, Flynn could end up the odd man out yet again, the recipient of the Reverse Double Alex. The original Alex, as you know, got stuck in the same place for eight years, only 1 ½ of which were truly rewarding. Flynn would be moved along like a hand-me-down couch in a college dorm.

And yes, anything is possible here. The Raiders once had a mutant form of stability, and his name was Al. Now, it has seemingly none, so if you are excited about Flynn’s arrival/Palmer’s departure, you should probably amp yourselves up quickly. He could be gone again by Draft Day, guilty of the crime of being a Raider at the wrong time in Raider history.