For 49ers fans, Darrelle Revis is fool's gold
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So Darrelle Revis heartily endorsed any deal that would get him to San Francisco to play for the 49ers, did he? Now that is sacrifice.

He was in New York, playing for the essentially useless Jets. He is coming off an injury-ruined season. The 49ers came within three play calls of stealing the Super Bowl. They have money, and they have room. Now who would think Revis would see the wisdom in heating that iron?

And who wouldn’t be excited by making one plus one equal five?

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This is the point of the whole exchange. Revis would like to come west, for the right amount of jack. The 49ers, leaking as they do to the national media figures they prefer, have indicated minimal interest in Revis, for reasons they don’t exactly embroider. And here we are, talking about it as though it is a fait accompli.

Why? Because nature abhors a vacuum, that’s why. Because there’s an awful lot of dead air in  the NFL calendar, and a seemingly unending desire to fill it with whatever claptrap someone can imagine.

The 49ers need a corner. Revis is available. What could be simpler than that?

Well, for one, the people trying to turn this into a red-hot topic, as opposed to the feed-the-beast proposition it actually is.

For the moment, Revis seems like Peyton Manning 2.0. The 49ers are willing to listen to any proposition, while trying to hide their true intentions. They wanted Manning a year ago, despite their denials, but Denver’s salary package was far too good. They took a flyer on Randy Moss, and got 28 receptions from him, none memorable.

And Darrelle Revis sits squarely between those two poles. He is 27, in a position that eats its young, and he is rehabbing his outraged anterior cruciate ligament. He said Monday that trade talks took a toll on him a year ago, while stirring this very large pot with a oar stolen from a crew team.

In fairness, he was asked a question by Seahawks running back Michael Robinson on his Web-based “The Real Robinson Report,” and responded to it, which is different than him announcing his interest unbidden. The question could have been thoughtfully frontloaded for his benefit, or he could have dropped an off-air hint, or maybe Robinson, who is nobody’s fool, figured out the path on his own.

But at the very least Revis would love all the leverage he can get, and stirring up interest in another buyer can only help that process. It can’t help it a lot if the 49ers aren’t keen to play, which seems to be the signal they are emitting, but a man lives in hope.

And a football fan in March lives in delusion. Darrelle Revis a 49er? Sure, why not? All things are possible when you’re just pulling stuff out of the air. Just don’t feign surprise when it comes to nothing. Something that makes sense to you doesn’t necessarily make sense to the people who actually are paid to know things.