Selig remains mum on A's San Jose situation
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NEW YORK -- Bud Selig headed reporters off at the pass at a luncheon with members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America Tuesday afternoon. The baseball commissioner cited legal reasons for not talking about the A's, their stadium situation and the club's well-known desire to move to the South Bay.

"We've talked to Mayor (Chuck) Reed," Selig said. "You know we're in litigation with San Jose, and therefore, obviously, that is not a subject that can't be discussed while this litigation is ongoing."

With the backdrop of Selig appointing a blue ribbon committee four years ago to investigate the A's desire to move to San Jose, with the Giants holding territorial rights, and the 45-year-old Coliseum showing its age, the city of San Jose voted in June to sue Major League Baseball because of its refusal to allow the A's to move.

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Selig was named as a defendant, along with all 30 MLB clubs -- including the A's -- in the suit.


Asked about instant replay, Selig introduced executive vice president for baseball operations Joe Torre, who said he anticipated expanded replay in 2014 that might include plays on the bases, trapped fly balls in the outfield, and not just on fair or foul calls.

"Life isn't perfect," Selig said. "The sport isn't perfect. But we live with it. We have to be careful in our zest to improve things so that it does not affect the game as we've all known it."

Said Torre: "The beauty of this game…is we have a game of flow, we have a rhythm to it and we want to make sure we improve what we've down with the home run replay."


Selig said the All-Star Game's popularity is at an all-time high.

"In the late '90s we had to beg people to take the game," he said.

Next year's game is scheduled to be played in Minnesota with the 2015 Midsummer Classic slated for Cincinnati. Selig said he wants to continue the alternating rotation between host stadiums being American League and National League. In 2006 and 2007, though, the NL had it in back-to-back years in Pittsburgh and San Francisco.


Selig remained steadfast in his belief there should be an international draft.