Raiders must tweak roster to add Cribbs
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While returner/receiver Josh Cribbs has taken to Twitter to announce his signing with the Raiders, the team has yet to make any announcements. That may be because Oakland already has 90 players on its 90-man offseason roster, despite this outlet and others saying Monday the Raiders had 89 players signed.

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Confused? Don't be. We're not talking Reaganomics. Or Voodoo Economics. Or fuzzy math. Or reindeer games with Silver and Blackdom's roster.

Rather, an oversight on the Raiders' Web Site heading into last weekend's rookie minicamp showed the team with 86 players. And after a flurry of moves Monday -- the Raiders cut five players and added eight -- Oakland should have had 89 on the roster, with one spot to fill.


Recently-signed long snapper Nick Guess was mistakenly left off the roster, meaning the Raiders actually had 87 on the team. And 87 minus five plus eight equals…90.

So, obviously, with Cribbs on his way -- the first OTA sessions begin this coming Monday -- the Raiders have to cut a player to make room for him. Plus, there are reports the Raiders have also signed Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin, let alone the reports Oakland has offered veteran defense back Charles Woodson a contract, believed to be for the minimum, as he visits Denver.