Raiders mailbag: Talking trades, Pryor and draft
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Any possible way Raiders end up with Revis for No. 3 pick and a WR? (@Cash169)

Let's see, the Raiders could most definitely use a shutdown cornerback and the Jets might be tempted to deal him for such a package, but they'd probably want more. And really, from the Raiders' perspective, such a deal would be akin to mortgaging the future for the chance to win now. Sound familiar? That's more the mindset of the old regime than that of Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen. As McKenzie himself intimated recently, he's still trying to get out from under some salary cap-killing contracts and is a year or so away from being financially viable. Dealing away a prized draft pick for another monster contract would be counter-intuitive, no?

Terrelle Pryor can be a faster Big Ben. Your thoughts? (@AdamZorair)

I thought T.P. was supposed to be the next CK7, RGIII, Cam, or Russell Wilson. But Ben Roethlisberger? Truly, and this is not meant as a sign of disrespect, but Pryor right now, with his accuracy issues, is closer to Tim Tebow. The thing with Pryor is simply this: we still have no idea if he can be a starting quarterback in the NFL. That's not just me saying it. It's new offensive coordinator Greg Olson. Pryor's athleticism is intriguing, no doubt, and you cannot question Pryor's work ethic. The Chargers had to respect his running ability in the season finale and could not bring the house to rush him as they had Carson Palmer. But to compare T.P. to Big Ben? It's too soon for that, at least, until Pryor's accuracy improves. Besides, Pryor might be in a category all his own when all is said and done.

With a clean bill of health, I am 100% Dennis Allen will want Jarvis Jones if he is available. If not, trade down. #VonMiller (@HardBoiled45)

Interesting take. VERY interesting take. Especially if Allen, who was Miller's defensive coordinator in Denver when Miller was the NFL's defensive rookie of the year, sees a lot of Miller in Jones. The Raiders do need a game-changing pass rusher. Jones, an outside linebacker, led the nation in sacks (14 1/2), tackles for loss (24 1/2) and forced fumbles (seven) last season. In two years at Georgia, he wracked up 28 sacks in 26 games after transferring in from USC. His spinal stenosis, though, could scare off potential suitors, including the Raiders, who might not see him as a franchise-type player at No. 3 overall. If the Raiders trade down and he's still there? Maybe that's a better gamble.

Any chance McKenzie brings back Charles Woodson? (@StevenSoto805)

Reggie McKenzie loves him some C-Wood, and said as much after the season. While Woodson would be a tremendous fit for the Raiders -- he'd solidify the secondary while showing Tyvon Branch and Michael Huff the ways of a Hall of Famer -- the Raiders are a terrible fit for Woodson. He wants to win, and win now and, more to the point, wants to play for a Super Bowl contender - now. Yes, I know all about how scripts can flip from one season to the next, but, as noted earlier, even McKenzie said he is about a year if not more away from putting the team he wants on the field. If the Raiders were merely a few pieces away from competing for the Super Bowl, then I could see this happening. Not now, though.

Miami a potential trade partner? Philbin knows Reggie from GB days. 3rd overall for 12th overall, 24 (2nd rd) 20 (3rd rd)? (@EJLpz)

The Dolphins just might see themselves as a top draft pick away from seriously competing, so from their viewpoint, this might make sense, though also giving up a second and third-rounder for the No. 3 overall pick might be too rich for their blood. The Raiders might find a more willing trade partner in their old SoCal neighbors, though, with the Rams, who hold two first-round picks at No. 16 and No. 22. The thinking is that the Rams could part with a first rounder and still have two selections in the first round. The Raiders could also then potentially get a second rounder from the Rams to get back into that round as Oakland is currently without a second rounder as a result of the Carson Palmer trade.