Pryor takes Flynn acquisition in stride
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ALAMEDA -- What, you expected Terrelle Pryor to pout after the Raiders traded away Carson Palmer in the wake of the team acquiring Matt Flynn and guaranteeing him $6.5 million?

After all, such a relatively hefty payday would seemingly signify Oakland's intentions at quarterback, meaning Flynn was the starter and Pryor relegated to being his backup, even if nothing was promised.

"It’s the business of the game," Pryor said Thursday, after a voluntary offseason workout at the team's facility.

"We had a great quarterback leave, a great quarterback left, and we brought in another pretty good quarterback. You have to have good quarterbacks to win in this league. Matt’s great. We have good chemistry already."

Pryor said he and Flynn are already setting up "off-campus" workouts with players.

"Whether we want to throw at Laney (College in downtown Oakland) or do we want to go outside and go over some plays and break the huddle just to get our snap counts down? Switching back and forth. So, it’s a great chemistry."

Still, the acquisition had to feel like a punch in the gut, no? Especially with the $6.5 million guaranteed to Flynn, who has started exactly one more NFL game than Pryor. So how does Pryor compartmentalize it?

"I don’t really," he said. "They were paying Carson what, $14 (million), $13 million? So, it is what it is. Whether Carson was going to be here or (not), it doesn’t matter, I have to battle. It doesn’t matter.

"Like coach says, cream rises to the top, no matter what. No matter what the position, everyone is going to battle. I believe that the best player coming in, that can give this whole team the chance, whether it’s on the defensive line, D-back, receiver, offensive line, whoever gives us the best chance to come out with a victory, which we need, that’s the main focus for everyone. We need to compete. By competing, you bring out the best in everybody."

It's the mantra handed down by general manager Reggie McKenzie and second-year coach Dennis Allen.

Pryor also said he can already feel a different vibe in the locker room…even if he's still learning so many new players' names.

"I think Mr. McKenzie and Coach Allen are getting guys in the locker room…like this -- that love football, love team first and they want to be here to win. If it’s anything else, it doesn’t matter. We want to have guys that love to be around, the guys who love football and compete.

"You can tell from the guys he brought in. We don’t want guys, like coach says all the time, we don’t want guys that are about women, fast cars, cars. We don’t want any of that. It’s all about competing, being a team player first and loving the game of football. If you have guys like that in the same locker room and everybody has that same exact plan and sees it the same you can’t go wrong."