Gruden on McKenzie: 'He's got an unbelievable pedigree'
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Jon Gruden will always hold a special place in Raiders fans collective hearts. So when he speaks on anything Raiders related, people will listen.

Tuesday, the coach-turned-Monday Night Football broadcaster was on a conference call to discuss his ESPN show "SportsCenter Special: Gruden's QB Camp" as well as the upcoming NFL Draft. He was asked about the job second-year general manager Reggie McKenzie is doing in Oakland.

"I think Reggie's going to do fine," Gruden said. "He's got an unbelievable pedigree. He's been around the best football people in the business, guys like Ron Wolf and others. No question about that. He has a background with the Raiders being a former player with Oakland. And I know football character and character is highly touted when it comes to finding and developing players, and Reggie McKenzie is going to find guys that I think fit that criteria. I think all of the kids that we have in here this year have high football character."

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McKenzie has made a point to bring in players with "high character" to dot the Raiders roster.

"I also feel like every once in a while you need some characters," Gruden added. "You need a couple guys that are a little off the beaten path, maybe guys that live in the left lane to a degree.

"But the Raiders are rebuilding. Obviously, they've made dramatic changes on their roster. They've let go of some veterans that are well‑recognized and I'm sure leaders on that football team. So not only do you have to find character, you better find some playmakers, because everybody else in the league has them."