Impressions from a couple of ugly Warriors wins
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The past two games haven’t been pretty for the Golden State Warriors, but they sure have been effective.

With back-to-back wins against the Toronto Raptors on Monday and the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday, the Warriors have solidified their hold on the sixth spot in the Western Conference playoffs.

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So forget for a moment that the Warriors have played a couple of ugly games. What’s most important is they’ve won them both and put more distance between themselves and the Rockets, Jazz and Lakers in the past three days.

Some more thoughts on the Warriors (35-27) -– after their 87-83 win over Sacramento:

-- Perhaps the biggest issue facing the Warriors right now is their inability to take care of the ball. Turnovers have been killing the Warriors in recent weeks, and no player is more to blame than Stephen Curry.

Over the past seven games, Curry has committed a whopping 36 turnovers compared with just 50 assists. What’s made Curry’s turnovers more costly is that too many of them are coming at the top of the floor, which often lead to transition baskets the other way.

During much of the season, Curry did an admirable job of staying out of double-teams off high ball screens or getting rid of the ball before the double-teams came.

Lately, it seems like Curry is trying to force too much with his passing, and it’s hurt the Warriors in terms of getting into an offensive flow.

-- Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News suggested it was possible that the Warriors could sign another player –- they have two open roster spots –- and that Dominic McGuire, a free agent, might make some sense.

McGuire was a pleasant surprise for the Warriors a year ago, giving the Warriors a toughness on the perimeter that they were lacking.

I think signing McGuire would be a risky move, though. And the reason is this: Warriors coach Mark Jackson has a big soft spot for McGuire. He loves the way McGuire competes and his versatility.

Last year, for example, Jackson thought enough of McGuire that he had him playing some point-forward –- despite McGuire’s significant offensive limitations.

With McGuire on the roster, it’s easy to see Jackson trying to shoe-horn him as many minutes as possible, which is what happened last year.

No doubt McGuire would cut into the minutes of Richard Jefferson and Draymond Green, and that dynamic would certainly affect chemistry.

It’s possible to see a scenario in which Jackson would want McGuire back but the front office wouldn’t.

-- It might sound harsh but it doesn’t seem like Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins have improved since they came into the league years back.

Evans, now in his fourth season, has failed to build upon his Rookie of the Year award from the 2009-10 season. This many years into his career, the question is still being posed: What exactly is Evans … a point guard, shooting guard or small forward?

One way to look at it is that Evans is a little bit of all of those things. Or another way to look at it is he isn’t any of those things.

Evans hasn’t really improved his shooting nor his feel for the game since his first season. And it’s still unclear what his best position may be down the line.

As for Cousins, it’s been the same thing for coming up on three years now. The kid is very skilled and talented but remains frustratingly inconsistent.

It’s obvious Cousins has been working on coach Keith Smart’s nerves in recent weeks because Cousins hasn’t been on the court in either of the Kings’ last two games when the outcomes were in doubt.