Whitner: Brooks is sorry
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SANTA CLARA -- Linebacker Ahmad Brooks has not commented on the alleged incident in early June in which he allegedly struck teammate Lamar Divens multiple times with a beer bottle.

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But 49ers teammate and locker room leader Donte Whitner has spoken with Brooks, and says the seven-year veteran is remorseful.

"He explained the situation," Whitner said Wednesday. "I gave my input on it and we left it at that. He's tremendously sorry for what he did. Anybody would be embarrassed and he just has to move on and make he continues to make the right choices from this point forward. He'll be OK."

Brooks will not face criminal charges, the Santa Clara County District Attorney's office announced last week. But Brooks could still face discipline, such as a suspension, from the 49ers or the NFL office.

Neither coach Jim Harbaugh nor general manager Trent Baalke declined to say this week whether the club would take any action against Brooks. Whitner intimated he expects Brooks to be punished.

"It was a bad choice that he made, and he's going to have to pay for that," Whitner said. "We don't know what it's going to be, yet."

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The DA's office determined it would be too difficult to get a jury to agree Brooks was guilty of assault. Divens initially told authorities he wanted to press charges. He later changed his mind. The DA's office reported that Divens asked Brooks for $1 million to resolve the issue. Brooks declined to pay that sum to Divens, the DA's office revealed last week.

Whitner added, "We're a good football team. A lot of eyes are on us now, even more than last year and the year before. You have to make good decisions and hang out with the right people and make good choices. He's going to do that from here-on out."