Snyder gets practice time at all five line spots
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SANTA CLARA -- Adam Snyder has started at every position on the offensive line in his first eight NFL seasons.

On Friday, he demonstrated his versatility when he methodically worked his way down the line playing every spot from left tackle through right tackle during one five-play period.

"They told me when I came here that I was going to be doing that," Snyder said Saturday. "So it's a perfect fit for me. I've started enough to be comfortable being a backup and mentor-type guy to some young guys. I'm excited as heck to be here. This is the best scenario for me."

Snyder started 83 games in his eight seasons. He started at every position but center while with the 49ers. He initially moved to center in 2011, but was replaced when Jonathan Goodwin was signed as a free agent. Last year, he started four games at center for the Arizona Cardinals. After his release, he re-signed with the 49ers as a backup.

"I'm mentally there," Snyder said about accepting his role. "Coming in I knew that was going to happen. I had other offers to start somewhere and I wanted to be here. I'm comfortable with that role. Offensive line is a crazy position. Guys get hurt, unfortunately. Guys have to be able to roll in and I'll get some playing time."

Snyder signed a two-year, $2.45 million contract, including a $500,000 signing bonus, to return to the 49ers in May.

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When he last played for the 49ers, Snyder was the starter at right guard. Alex Boone took over that position last season and played exceptionally well. Snyder watched and admired how Boone made the seamless transition from tackle.

"Unbelievable," Snyder said. "I watched the guys all year. He played real well -- Pro Bowl level. I think all five of those guys should've gotten a nod, but that's not how it works. He played unbelievable. I'm excited to watch him this year and give him any tips I have and help that guy build. He's got a huge career ahead of him."

Snyder appears to be the front-runner at the backup tackle positions. Daniel Kilgore and Joe Looney are promising young players who should be factors in the competition for spots at center and the guard positions.