Harbaugh's verdict: Judge Judy is the best
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SANTA CLARA -- Willie Mays has accepted an invitation to visit the 49ers. So has a four-star general.

Judge Judy will be among the next dignitaries to receive an invite, Harbaugh said. And, perhaps, a traffic cop will not be far behind.

An episode of Judge Judy that Harbaugh attended with his father more than a month ago aired nationally Monday evening. And Harbaugh was glowing after the experience.

"I've never seen Judy adjudicate one improperly," Harbaugh said. "She is so smart. She is so good. I could sit there and watch those cases all day. I really could.

"It's fun to watch somebody that does their job well. I could watch Judge Judy do cases all day. I could watch people play football who do their job really well. People who direct traffic. I get a real kick out of watching people who direct traffic do it. I've done it for hours."

Harbaugh said he and his father had lunch with Judith Sheindlin, a retired judge-turned-TV star. He visited with her before and after the taping in Los Angeles.

"I like football the most, but Judge Judy is right up there," Harbaugh said. "She's the best."

Judge Judy, as it turns out, is not exactly a football aficionado.

"Her father was a dentist and used to warn against Judy's kids playing football," Harbaugh said. "He saw a lot of kids come in with teeth kicked in, so she didn't let her kids play football."