Dickson: 'We've seen a lot of things on film we can exploit'
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NEW ORLEANS -- If you listen to the Baltimore Ravens talk this week at Super Bowl XLVII, you know they have the utmost respect for every facet of the 49ers.

The 49ers are a team with no weaknesses, several Ravens have pointed out.

But Baltimore tight end Ed Dickson went a little off the script in talking about the opponent in Sunday's NFL title game.

"We've seen the success that Atlanta had," Dickson said of the 49ers' defense. "We're not going to be naïve. I'm sure they've made corrections. In the end, it's all about us and the things that we do well with running the football and passing the ball, just being a balanced offense.

"We've seen a lot of things on film we can exploit, and we'll go after those things."

The 49ers trailed 17-0 to the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship Game, and surrendered 24 points in the first half. But the 49ers shut out the Falcons in the second half en route to a 28-24 victory to advance to the Super Bowl.

Here are some other things the Ravens said about the 49ers on Media Day at the Superdome . . .

--Running back Ray Rice on the 49ers' All-Pro inside linebackers NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis:

"NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis are sizable guys. They're the two best linebackers in football, and one thing about (the 49ers) is if you try to find a weakness, they really don't have any.

"I'll just try to go out there and match up on them on coverage. That's where I'll try to get my advantages because I know, in the run game, they're very stout. So, I have to try to have a complete game plan and prepare to attack those two linebackers."

--Right guard Marshall Yanda on the 49ers' front seven:

"I think the key to their defensive line is that they have no weak link. I know the two guys on their right side, our left, are great players, but they are all good. Ray McDonald is a load with a great bull rush. There is no one we can say,' oh we can handle him one-on-one.'"

--Wide receiver Anquan Boldin:

"They probably have the best linebacker core in the NFL. They have two great safeties on the back end and some good corners as well. They're not here for no reason at all."

--Offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell on 49ers defensive tackle Justin Smith:

"He should get the headlines. The guy is unbelievable. If you watch him play on the inside, he is very, very difficult to handle. You just have to make sure that you know where he is and you better find a way to give him some assistance to whoever is blocking him. He can wreck your plays in a hurry."

--Defensive tackle Haloti Ngata on whether he believes the 49ers' offense is unorthodox:

"No, they just really have a multiple offense with a power running game and they also have the option pass. We kind of think about it as like the Redskins game. Of course, the 49ers' running backs are different and they have different type of athletes at wide receiver. We definitely have to just play our style of ball and not try to do too much."

--Safety Bernard Pollard on the many dimensions of the 49ers' running game:

"Watching film on this offense, whether it's with Frank Gore, whether it's with (LaMichael) James, whether it's with (Colin) Kaepernick, these guys can kill you. And their offensive line is blocking their tail off."

--Ravens punt and kickoff returner Jacoby Jones on fielding balls from 49ers kicker David Akers and punter Andy Lee:

"Akers has got a really strong leg. He can kick out of the end zone and that punter, he's a climber too. So you've got to be patient and wait on your opportunities."

--Cornerback Corey Graham on facing Randy Moss:

"He's still got some of that breakaway speed in his legs and he's still doing a good job. You always have to be prepared and ready for a guy like Randy Moss, because you never know. He's able to go over top and go deep all the time."