Cowboys, 49ers differ on draft grades
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The 49ers and Dallas Cowboys had much different opinions of the players in this year's draft, based on another glimpse inside the Cowboys' draft room.

It might be foolhardy to attempt to grade a draft before anyone selected has even played a game, but it's safe to say the Cowboys did not place high marks on the 49ers' draft.

It remains to be seen whether that might end up being a good thing for 49ers general manager Trent Baalke.

It is rare that any information from a team's draft rankings becomes public -- even after the draft. But it's happened twice in the past four years, and both times it's been the Cowboys' board that has been revealed.

In 2010, an in-house video captured Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones standing in front of the team's draft board.

The same thing happened again, as bloggingtheboys.com was able to reconstruct the entire Cowboys 2013 draft board based on images from captured screen shots from video taken inside the Cowboys draft room.

Wide receiver Quinton Patton and outside linebacker Corey Lemonier, both fourth-round picks, are the only players the 49ers selected in a round in which the Cowboys had them targeted. The Cowboys had only five of the 49ers' 11 picks rated among their 132 draftable players.

Running back Marcus Lattimore, whom the 49ers selected in the fourth round, was not rated on the Cowboys' board -- presumably due to injury concerns. Defensive tackle Quinton Dial, linebacker Nick Moody, quarterback B.J. Daniels, tackle Carter Bykowski and cornerback Marcus Cooper also were not included on the Cowboys' board.

Interestingly, the 49ers traded up 13 spots in the first round in a deal with the Cowboys to select safety Eric Reid at No. 18 overall. The Cowboys had 18 players with first-round grades. Reid had a second-round grade.

(The Cowboys traded back to No. 31, and selected center Travis Frederick, also rated on their board as a second-round player.)

Defensive end Tank Carradine and tight end Vance McDonald, second-round picks of the 49ers, were graded as third-rounders, according to the Cowboys draft board.

In 2010, the Cowboys had linebacker NaVorro Bowman rated as the 20th-best player in the draft. The 49ers selected Bowman in the third round with the 91st overall selection.

On the other extreme, the 49ers traded up to No. 11 overall to select right tackle Anthony Davis. The Cowboys had Davis rated as a third-rounder.

The Cowboys had guard Mike Iupati as No. 10 on their board. The 49ers selected him at No. 17. And the Cowboys gave safety Taylor Mays a second-round grade, No. 31 overall on their board. The 49ers took him in the second round with the No. 49 overall pick before trading him the following year for a seventh-round pick.