49ers won't close door on Wright's return
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SANTA CLARA -- Veteran cornerback Eric Wright was briefly a member of the 49ers after a trade from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

General manager Trent Baalke said it's a "possibility" Wright could be back with the 49ers in the future.

"With respect to Eric, there’s always a possibility that he becomes a Niner at some point, it’s just not now," Baalke said.

The 49ers' trade with the Buccaneers was voided after Wright failed a 49ers team physical. The 49ers already did their "due diligence" relating to Wright's reported driving under the influence arrest in Los Angeles a week earlier.

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"As far as being aware of his latest situation in L.A., absolutely, the Bucs were very forthcoming with that information," Baalke said Tuesday. "So (we) definitely knew what the status was.

"Our medical staff wasn't convinced he was ready to be put onto the field, so we didn't pass him."

After the trade was nullified, Wright reverted back to the Buccaneers, who promptly released him. Wright, apparently, was healthy enough to be released without an injury settlement.

Baalke declined comment on the status of 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks and whether the team plans any discipline. The Santa Clara District Attorney's office announced last week that Brooks would not face any assault charges for his alleged fight with teammate Lamar Divens. Brooks allegedly struck Divens three times with a beer bottle in June.

"Anything we do, if in fact that transpires, you'll know when everybody else knows," Baalke said.