49ers trade 34th overall pick to Titans
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SANTA CLARA -- The 49ers traded back six spots on Friday from the No. 34 overall pick in a deal with the Tennessee Titans. In the process the 49ers continue to stockpile picks for the 2014 draft.

The 49ers picked up a seventh-round pick (No. 216 overall) from the Titans, as well as Tennessee's third-round pick in next year's draft. And the 49ers hold 10 picks for 2014, too.

The 49ers received a conditional second or third round pick in 2014 in the Alex Smith trade to Kansas City. The No. 34 overall pick that the 49ers traded to Tennessee also was a result of the Smith trade. The 49ers will receive a seventh-round pick in 2014 from the Carolina Panthers in a trade last year for special-teamer Colin Jones.

The Titans used the pick to select wide receiver Justin Hunter (Tennessee). With the No. 35 overall pick, the Philadelphia Eagles selected tight end Zach Ertz (Stanford).

The 49ers' next pick is the 40th overall, acquired from the Titans. They also have the 31st pick in the second round and the 31st pick in the third round to use Friday, as well as nine picks scheduled for Saturday:

Fourth round, No. 31 (No. 128 overall): Own pick
Fourth round, No. 34 (No. 131 overall): Compensatory
Fifth round, No. 24 (No. 157 overall): From Indianapolis in trade during 2012 draft
Sixth round, No. 5 (No. 173 overall): From Cleveland in Colt McCoy trade
Sixth round, No. 12 (No. 180 overall): From Miami in trade-back during 2012 draft
Seventh round, No. 10 (No. 216 overall): From Tennessee in trade during 2013 draft
Seventh round, No. 31 (No. 237 overall): Own pick
Seventh round, No. 40 (No. 246 overall): Compensatory
Seventh round, No. 46 (No. 252 overall): Compensatory