49ers draft pick Carradine: 'My knee is fine'
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SANTA CLARA -- Cornellius "Tank" Carradine, who underwent surgery in November to repair a torn ACL in his right knee, said his knee is just fine.

In fact, he repeated himself a handful of times while disputing a report in USA Today that the medical re-check NFL teams received "wasn't very good." Carradine's knee was compared to Da'Quan Bowers, a potential top-five pick a year ago who tumbled to the second round.

"There's nothing wrong with my knee, and there are no long-term things that I think will go wrong with my knee because I'm healthy," Carradine said Friday in a conference call with reporters who cover the 49ers. "I did tear my ACL, but at my pro day I was able to run at full speed. If a guy wasn't healthy, he probably wouldn't have been able to run as fast as I ran or go out there and do those cutting drills."

Carradine was clocked at 4.75 in the 40-yard dash. Jim Tomsula, the 49ers' defensive line coach, attended the workout and had dinner with Carradine. The 49ers selected Carradine on Friday with the No. 40 overall pick. He is not likely to participate in any on-field football work until training camp, as the 49ers want to be cautious with their second-round draft pick.

"This is the first injury I've ever had," Carradine said. "I've never gotten hurt before. I've never had an injury other than this ACL injury. For me to be four months out of surgery, going on five, I'm doing better than anybody was nine or 10 months out.

"I had blood work done on my knee. There's nothing wrong with my knee. There was a rumor going around that there could be something wrong with the femur. But I got blood work done, and I got it done before the draft so teams could check it out. There's nothing wrong with my knee."

When Carradine gets healthy he is expected to make an impact as an outside pass rusher in nickel situations. Carradine is likely to fit into the defensive line to rush the passer.

He has the versatility to rush the passer from both sides of the defensive line. Carradine should be able to be part of a rotation of defensive linemen in the 49ers' nickel defense, affording the 49ers to give breaks to Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith.