Will NHL suspend Torres for his hit on Stoll?
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LOS ANGELES – Raffi Torres didn’t think his charging penalty at 19:02 of the second period, in which he appeared to make contract with Jarret Stoll’s head, should have been a penalty. His head coach agreed.

Stoll, though, didn’t return to the game, and Torres will have an in-person hearing the the league in New York, giving the NHL the option to suspend him for five games or more.

Torres, who was suspended for 25 games (later reduced to 21) for his high hit on Chicago’s Marian Hossa in the first round last season while playing for Phoenix, gave his perspective of the play.

“I didn’t really think it was even going to be a penalty. They called it charging, I don’t think I launched myself. I took a step and a half, and glided into him. Obviously he was leaning over, and I still feel like I got a shoulder to his shoulder, and then it kind of looked because he was leaning over that I came up a little high. I didn’t even think it was going to be a penalty, but I hope he’s alright.”

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Is he concerned that his reputation could lead to further punishment?

“No, I don’t think so,” Torres said.” We had a chance to look at it, and I don’t see much coming about it.”

Todd McLellan agreed with Torres that the winger should not have been penalized on the play. The Kings failed to score on what was their only power play of the game.

“Clean hit. Not even a charging penalty in my opinion,” McLellan said.