Sharks mailbag: When will Burns return?
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Answering some Sharks mailbag questions while we wait for the team to take the ice for Friday's practice...

How does the Sharks team feel about the new owner? Any worries or concerns from the players?
Tanya Hughes

No. Hasso Plattner met with the Sharks players and coaching staff for a few minutes the day of the announcement on Wednesday, and his message to the team and front office was that nothing will change. Keep in mind that even though the globetrotting Plattner has been behind the scenes since coming on board in 2002, he became the majority owner in 2010, even before Kevin Compton and Stratton Sclavos sold their shares to him. I don’t anticipate any change in the way the club is run, and my impression of Plattner in the 45-minute sit-down we had with him was that he’ll do whatever it takes to win. This guy is a competitor.

What are the chances Matt Tennyson would come back from Worcester?
Erika Otahal

Slim, unless there are major injury problems. I do believe Tennyson’s pro prospects are much higher than Nick Petrecki’s, however. At just 22 years old, Tennyson is much more suited to keep playing big minutes in the AHL than sitting in the press box, like Petrecki will continue to do here.

Regarding Petrecki, I think the main reason he's here is to work with Larry Robinson and Jim Johnson. The Sharks could be making one final effort to try and salvage the former first round pick in 2007.

How bummed were the Sharks staff that Frazer was picked up? Or was that the plan?
Christian Frey

It certainly wasn’t the plan, and I do believe the Sharks wanted to keep McLaren in the organization. The Sharks have lost two of their enforcer-types now in the recent weeks in McLaren and Brandon Mashinter, who was traded to the Rangers organization. They’re definitely thinner in the muscle department if they need that type of player at some point down the line.

Burns had nine months to get healthy, there's obviously something serious going on with his groin injury.
Matt Perez

Brent Burns continues to skate with the team, and I do believe we’ll see him at some point over the next few weeks. I said on the CSN broadcast last night that Burns told me when he shaves that grizzly beard from his now-infamous portrait photo, we’ll know he’s close to returning. And yes, I do believe he was serious.