Clowe explains penalty box tirade
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SAN JOSE – Ryane Clowe didn’t stick around long enough after Sunday’s game to explain his tirade in the penalty box at the end of the second period. He spoke about it on Tuesday morning, though, as the Sharks prepared for their game against Anaheim later.

Clowe was issued minors for high-sticking and unsportsmanlike conduct at 19:33 of the second period, and a 10-minute misconduct and game misconduct for repeatedly banging his stick on the penalty box door.

“There’s no secret how I play, and I’m an intense guy and an emotional guy. Sometimes I try to play on the edge, and sometimes you go over,” Clowe said. “I don’t make [any] apologies for that. I don’t like taking those penalties and that extra penalty where you hurt your team. Obviously, that wasn’t my plan, and I don’t make any apologies for going over the edge.”

Clowe’s eight penalties in the 4-1 win over Vancouver equaled a franchise mark set by Link Gaetz in 1992. It was the high-sticking call on Keith Ballard that particularly upset him.

“The last one was the one that put me over the edge. It was a stupid call,” he said. “I tried to finish a guy and he just skated out of trouble, and I don’t even know if I got a piece of him, and the guy gives me a high stick. The other two calls before that I didn’t say anything. It was just a constant march to the penalty box that game, and it got frustrating.”

At the end of the game, head coach Todd McLellan said he would have a conversation with Clowe, but that apparently hasn’t happened yet.

“He knows how I play. Nothing I do is intentionally to put the team in trouble,” Clowe said. “I know last game, I’m smart enough to know I can’t take those penalties. Sometimes that happens, and it rarely does. If it was something that consistently happens, then there’s a problem. When you’re playing that way, stuff happens sometimes.”

Dave Jackson, the referee who made the call and issued the second period penalties, is one of the two officials for Tuesday’s home game with the Ducks.