X-rays come back negative on Reddick, Anderson
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HOUSTON, Tex. -- The Oakland Athletics scored nine runs, won their fifth game in a row, and had two players undergo X-rays after sweeping the Astros on Sunday. Josh Reddick and Brett Anderson were both checked out at St Joseph's Medical Center and the results were negative.

Reddick has a sprained right wrist and is day-to-day. The prognosis is a very encouraging one for the A's because their gold glove right fielder slammed into a wall in foul territory in the fifth inning and the collision looked serious.

"I was scared," Reddick said. "I was nervous that something was seriously wrong I lost feeling in the area for quite a while."

Anderson has a left thumb contusion. In the second inning he was struck by a comebacker that he attempted to field with his bare hand. Anderson finished the game. Reddick wasn't so fortunate. He stayed down after he hit the wall and later walked off the field with trainers.

"I was very concerned," A's manager Bob Melvin said. "It takes a lot to get him out of the game."

Reddick's wrist was heavily wrapped after the game. He said his palm was bruised and that his wrist was still quite sore. To make matters more worse, he got a disc with the X-ray results that he had to bring back to Minute Maid Park for the team doctors to look at before he found out it was negative.

"Quite the anticipation," Reddick said. "Huge sigh of relief, I don't want to wind up missing any time."

The injury happened with an eight-run lead, but as Melvin often says, Reddick only knows one way -- all out.

"It doesn't matter what the score is, I'm always playing hard," Reddick said. "I'm not going to change that."

As a pitcher, Anderson appreciated Reddick's effort on the play. However, the pitcher's own efforts left him with some similar bumps and bruises. He had the trainers come out to check on him twice over the course of his six inning, 10 strikeout win.

He got hit on the left hand with a baseball in the second and sixth innings and later hit his head on his locker in the clubhouse before greeting the media. At that point, his left thumb was the least of his concerns.

"It doesn't feel great, but I have a couple other places on my body that don't feel really good either -- my head and my wrist," Anderson said. "It's a little tender, swollen and bloody and gnarly looking, it's like gray, which is a weird color."

According to Anderson, he thought he'd be able to grab the first ball that hit his thumb, then changed his mind as it was coming in harder than he initially thought. The second time he was hit, he said he tried to get out of the way but it hit him anyways.

"Out of all the space on the field it happened to hit my wrist," Anderson said.

Reddick and Anderson will have a much needed day off on Monday before taking on the Angels. There's still no word on when Reddick will return to the lineup, but Anderson should be able to make his next start.

The A's leave Houston red hot and despite a few scares they are relatively healthy.

"To come in here and get a sweep after losing the first two, we're riding some confidence into L.A. which is what we need," Reddick said.