Reddick swings a bat, sprained right wrist progressing
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ANAHEIM -- A's right fielder Josh Reddick picked up a bat for the first time since spraining his right wrist on Sunday in Houston. Wearing a burnt orange Duck Dynasty tee shirt, he headed to the cage and took approximately 40 swings.

"It went well," the A's bearded outfielder said. "No issues on the outer wrist which was my concern. It was a little sore on the bruising, but that's going to happen because it's bruised."

Reddick swung a fungo bat and a regular bat as he hit from a tee. He is expecting to take batting practice for the first time on Thursday.

Reddick was so confident in his results that he said he thinks he could pinch hit or enter the game on Wednesday as a defensive replacement. His skipper will be taking a more patient approach. He will be waiting to see how Reddick responds to batting practice.

"If everything goes right he can take a full BP and potentially be available off the bench," A's manager Bob Melvin said. "When the game started yesterday he was in his turf shoes, and I looked at him about the fifth inning and he had his spikes on."

Despite Reddick's not-so-subtle hints, the team will be careful with their gold glove right fielder. He spent Tuesday doing range of motion and strengthening drills on his wrist and didn't have any issues.

After surviving what looked like a serious collision with a wall in Houston, it looks like he will avoid a stint on the disabled list. Reddick actually went back and watched the video and even he was surprised he wasn't in worse shape.

"After I saw it I was shocked that nothing was broken or fractured," Reddick said. "I should have let the face hit first, the beard would have cushioned it."