A's extras: Reacting to Sogard's run, Reddick sells his hair
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OAKLAND -- The A's won in walk-off fashion on Sunday, but not before a crazy play stopped everyone in their tracks. Second baseman Eric Sogard slid into third after a sacrifice bunt not knowing the ball had gotten away.

Four seconds transpired before Sogard took off for home and scored the winning run. It was a matter of seconds, but it seemed like time stood still for a while. The A's had lost four games in a row and the only thing standing between them and victory was a wide open 90 feet. They just needed Sogard to stand up and run.

While he eventually did, it seemed like everyone had a different story about what they were doing at the time.

Here's how the A's saw the play unfold from several different perspectives:

Jerry Blevins pitched the ninth inning. He was in the dugout watching the play.

"We all kind of jumped in celebration then realized he wasn't running yet," Blevins said. "We all kind of ran with him and met him at home plate."

Yoenis Cespedes was getting ready to hit.

"I wanted to go over there and pick him up and carry him home," Cespedes said.

Seth Smith was about to step out of the dugout at the time.

"I was about to go on deck, and I saw him laying there," Smith said. "I was yelling at Sogard to get up and run, and yelling at Gallego not to touch him."

Josh Donaldson was in the dugout.

"Everybody was yelling at him to run, run, run, run," Donaldson said. "Finally he got up and started running."

A's manager Bob Melvin was watching as third base coach Mike Gallego frantically waved his arms and telling Sogard to get up and run.

"The whole bench was," Melvin said. "Everyone was pretty frustrated with the way things were going recently, so I'd say the whole bench was giving him some encouragement."

Sogard joked that he got a breather before he got up and ran. He made a headfirst slide into the bag, so he couldn't see where the ball was. He was just trying to figure out what was going on before he realized what had happened. The end result was a sweet win.

"That was my first pie," Sogard said. "So I enjoyed it very much."

Locks of Love:

The A's wives and girlfriends held an auction to raise money for autism awareness. They brought in $2,270. The auction featured some unique items from A's players, including a bag of Josh Reddick's recently cut off hair.

His formerly flowing locks sold for $40 to a fan in the right field bleachers.

"I honestly didn't know what to expect, I didn't think it was going to go off the charts," Reddick said. "The main thing is that it's going towards a good cause and we had a little fun with it as well."

Reddick cracked a big smile when I told him that someone in the right field bleachers bought it. He said that doesn't surprise him one bit.

"I'm sure I'll see it on some sort of weird costume by the end of this year," Reddick joked.

Straily starts on Monday:

Dan Straily will start Monday against the Angels in Brett Anderson's place. He was in the clubhouse on Sunday, but the move will officially be announced prior to his start. Reliever Jesse Chavez will be the one optioned back to Triple-A Sacramento. He was hugging his teammates and saying his good byes in the clubhouse after the game.

Anderson will avoid a trip to the disabled list. He is skipping a start to get extra rest for his sprained right ankle.