Brandon Moss' baby watch continues
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HOUSTON, Tex. -- A's first baseman Brandon Moss will be keeping one eye on the opposing pitcher and the other on his cell phone.

His wife, Allison, is 36 weeks pregnant and started having contractions on Thursday night. As a result, Moss left Thursday's game in the eighth inning and spent the next several hours with his wife at San Ramon Regional Medical Center. The baby didn't come, though.

"She's hanging in there," Moss said. "She's been having contractions and everything but it's moving really slowly."

His wife is now resting safely at home and Moss is in the A's lineup batting fifth. According to the doctor the birth of the baby is not eminent. He is actually due on April 28.

"He said it could be four hours, it could be four days," Moss said. "I kindly looked at my wife and said, 'Babe it can't be four days.'"

The Moss family already has one son, Jayden, who had to be induced at 36 weeks. There are no complications with his soon-to-be second son, Brody, who will be at 37 weeks on Sunday.

"She started doing laps up and down the stairs to try and speed things up," Moss said of his wife. "I just wish her the best and tell her 'I'm sorry' all the time."

While poppa Moss is away playing baseball, his grandparents and sister are at home with momma Moss to help take care of her. The rest of the family will be heading there when the time comes.

Moss will probably be relying heavily on the A's long-time director of team travel Mickey Morabito over the next several days. Shane Peterson, Moss' likely fill in will also be keeping a close eye on the progress. The A's have a day off on Monday and will be much closer to the Bay Area when they are in Anaheim for a three-game series with the Angels starting Tuesday.