Rain, hail limits Giants and Dodgers to two innings
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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – How hard did the rain and hail come down at Scottsdale Stadium on Friday afternoon?

Well, if Marco Scutaro had done his “Shawshank” pose and looked skyward, he would’ve been at risk for a concussion. 

A zany day of weather in the Sonoran Desert meant the Dodgers and Giants only played into the second inning. Barry Zito got pelted harder than anyone else, giving up three runs in his inning before heading down to the bullpen to throw 40 more pitches.

Play was suspended once and the game was restarted before a second thunder cell convinced umpires to halt proceedings. When the first delay hit, Buster Posey had just been announced and the hail started to fall.

“The umpires weren’t the ones leaving,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. “It was Buster who walked off. He said, `I’m done.’ He didn’t give them a choice.”

Posey lobbied to stay in the game when it resumed so he could get one at-bat. It lasted one pitch, as Javy Guerra lost his grip and buzzed Posey’s jersey.

The Dodgers “won” 4-1. Because it wasn’t an official game, the crowd was entitled to a refund – or they could take their ticket stubs down to Chase Field and pay $5 more to see Team USA take on Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.