Marco Scutaro pulls a Little League trick on Padres
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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Marco Scutaro is a decorated major league veteran, but he pulled a stunt straight out of Little League on Tuesday.

The Giants’ wily second baseman drew a two-out walk in the third inning. And when he noticed the San Diego Padres weren’t paying attention, he made a nonchalant dash for second base. He made it without so much as a throw.

It was the first time many of his teammates had ever seen the stunt pulled by someone older than 12 years old. But Scutaro said he’s done it before. He did it against the Milwaukee Brewers in 2002, and then did it again with the Phillies’ Joe Blanton on the mound in ’09.

“Took me seven years,” Scutaro told reporters following the Giants' 4-2 victory. “But if you guys write it down, they’ll learn my trick. I don’t know how many years it’ll take me now.”

Hunter Pence was walking to the plate when it happened. He said the catcher and umpire were wondering if Scutaro got credit for a stolen base. The answer, by golly: of course he did.

“That’s just heads up,” Pence said. “That’s why he’s been here so long. The catcher was looking in (the dugout) for a sign. He didn’t even see.”

Neither did Padres pitcher Andrew Cashner, or infielders Alexi Amarista and Gregorio Petit. 

Hey, it’s been a long spring. 

“I was thinking about it after he did it,” Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford said. “I thought, `Well, the middle infielders didn’t pay attention.’ Then I was thinking, `Do I pay attention?’

“I’d like to say yes, I pay attention all the time. But ... 

“Only a veteran like him would even think to try something like that.”