Lineups: Bruised Posey sits for another Lincecum start
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UPDATE: Bruce Bochy said he wanted to give Posey two consecutive days off, paired with Monday's "rigorous" 90-mile travel day to Milwaukee. This might sound like bunk to some of you, but it's been Bochy's consistent practice over seven years as manager here. He thinks two consecutive days off can provide a much more rejuvenating break than spacing them out. "I know Timmy's throwing," Bochy said. "But it's three day games here and it's been cold. Let him catch his breath and get Hector a start."

I had to wait awhile to talk to Posey this morning, and that's because he and Lincecum were sitting next to each other, having what appeared to be a mirthful conversation with laughs and smiles aplenty. I'm in the clubhouse every day, and there simply hasn't been any evidence of personal animosity between the two. This is Bochy's call, plain and simple.

When I finally did get a chance to ask Posey a few questions, he said the two shots he took off the mask Saturday weren't that bad. The new masks don't fit as snugly, which means that the mask often twists upon impact. That might sound like a bad thing. But it's actually good, Posey said, because more of the force goes into turning the mask and less of it gets absorbed by his head. Posey did say he felt a little beat up from those two pitches off his left arm Friday and Saturday, though.


CHICAGO -- Once again, Buster Posey is getting a day off on Tim Lincecum's day to pitch. Once again, the suspicious will make their feelings known.

Here are some facts to consider: Posey is hitless in this series (0 for 9), in which the Giants could take three of four if they can win on Timmy's day one more time. Posey got hit by pitches Friday and Saturday on his left arm, and the second one really looked like it smarted. He also took a pretty good shot off the mask in the ninth inning Saturday.

So the Giants will try to make it 3-0 with a Lincecum/Hector Sanchez production. Last year (STAT OF THE DAY!!!), the Giants didn't win three consecutive Lincecum starts until September 1-12.

It's 20 degrees warmer today and mostly cloudy. Good baseball weather, for a change. Posey can save the ninja cold weather stuff for when the Giants open next season in Amsterdam. (Make it happen, Larry Baer!)

CF Pagan

2B Scutaro

3B Sandoval

RF Pence

1B Belt

LF Blanco

C Sanchez

SS Crawford

P Lincecum


And here's the Cubs. Watch out, Bruce Bochy! Don't let them try to sneak Dioner Navarro into the batter's box every inning. (The good news: It's theoretically impossible for you to hit a pinch homer on a third consecutive day when you're in the lineup.)

CF DeJesus

SS Castro

1B Rizzo

LF Soriano

RF Schierholtz

C Navarro

3B Valbuena

2B Gonzalez

P Edwin Jackson