Warriors expect healthy Bogut for upcoming season
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Andrew Bogut hasn't played more than 69 games in a season since 2007-08, but the Warriors expect that to change next season.

According to general manager Bob Myers, Golden State is currently treating Bogut like he is completely healthy, and Myers didn't have to go through questionable sources to come to this conclusion.

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"At this point, you treat him like he is 100 percent healthy," Myers told Sporting News, "that is what he is saying, that is what the medical staff is saying, so, you don’t treat him any other way."

Bogut, 28, underwent ankle surgery in the April 2012, and suffered a setback in November after playing just four games for the Warriors. He came back in January, but the center still showed signs that the ankle was bothering him. Even though Myers is optimistic about Bogut's health, he said the Warriors are prepared for another injury problem.

“If something obviously were to develop, something unforeseen, you have to react to it," Myers said.

But Myers doesn't think an unforeseen injury will occur. Instead, he's focused on questions strictly pertaining to the basketball court.

"Maybe the question is, do you want to play him 35 minutes?" Myers said. "But that is a question for any center. It is not due to anything with his injury."

35 minutes would be a step up for Bogut. In 2012-13, he averaged 24.6 minutes during the regular season and 27.3 in the playoffs. He didn't play more than 33 minutes in any one of the 44 games (including playoffs) he appeared in, either.

However, Bogut showed signs he was back to his peak self late in the season. As his minutes went up, so did his production in all areas of the game, especially defense. The Warriors hope Bogut can pick up where he left off, and Bogut might be the most excited person in the Warriors organization to find out if he can do it.

"It is a really good thing that he is healthy and has had time to rest," Myers said. "He is back to work and he eager [sic] to get started.”