Lee's injury more serious than expected, but '100 percent' now
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David Lee injured his hip flexor in Game 1 of the Warriors' opening round series vs. Denver. He was expected to miss the remainder of the postseason, but he valiantly fought through the pain and played through it.

He addressed the media Wednesday for the first time since the Warriors' season ended back in May. Here are some of the major takeaways:

- Most of the players are working out in Oakland during the week to begin preparation for training camp (the team did this last year as well)

- He is 100% physically, has been scrimmaging for the last four or five weeks, and has no ill-effects whatsoever.

- He dropped five percent body fat, lost eight pounds and "is in the best shape I've been in."

- Lee revealed the injury was more serious than doctors originally thought, but reassured the fact that he is 100%.

- The All-Star power forward's two main goals during the offseason were to get his body into better shape, and to make his 17-18 foot jump shot automatic.

- Lee even suggested he may add a corner and/or top-of-the-key 3-pointer to his arsenal.

- "Being in better shape, having that extra endurance is gonna help on the defensive end. Being able to make extra effort plays is gonna help me be more explosive, more athletic, and help my overall game."

Stephen Curry is speaking at the Warriors' downtown Oakland facility on Thursday afternoon. Stay logged on for video and reaction ...