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The Oakland Athletics and their advertising agency, Hub Strategy of San Francisco, are launching the fourth season of their award-winning marketing campaign, "Green Collar Baseball."

“The idea behind Green Collar Baseball is that the A's make up for being a young team with an extra measure of effort, hustle, creativity, and fun – and what better proof of this than the amazing season these guys had last year,” said DJ O’Neill, founder/CEO of Hub Strategy. “Between the Bernie Lean and the walk-off pies, we had some great material to work into this year's TV campaign."

Prior to their debuts on television, check out the newest batch of A's commericals:

"Cloning Coco"
Crisp and Reddick take numbers seriously in every aspect of the game

The Majors can throw a lot at you, but Parker and Cook train to be absolutely fearless

"Inspirational Speaker"
Crisp, Sean Doolittle, Jarrod Parker and Reddick prepare for the 1969 “Turn Back the Clock” game

"Pressure Training"
All-Star pitcher Ryan Cook goes through unique training for high pressure situations

"Pie Alternatives"
Coco Crisp and Josh Reddick are taking the post-game pie celebration up a notch this year

The Outtakes

Be on the lookout for the A's other "Green Collar Campaign" commercials:

Reddick and Chris Young look for ways to cover more ground, and more outfield wall

"The Game within the Game"
Young and Cook show it’s more than just a game, but a game within a game, within a game

American League Manager of the Year Bob Melvin is so hands on that he runs practice drills for every aspect of the game

Which one is your favorite?