Report: A's get guidelines for move to San Jose from MLB
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The San Francisco Giants still possess the territorial rights to San Jose, but the Oakland A's have reportedly received guidelines for a potential move to the South Bay from Major League Baseball.

The Los Angeles Times cites three anonymous people "familiar with the matter but not authorized to discuss it" that say the commissioner's office has shared tentative guidelines required of the A's if they move forward with a plan to move to San Jose.

The Times' Bill Shaikin writes that while this development does not guarantee a move to San Jose, it at least means that Bud Selig could present the idea to MLB owners for their approval if the A's meet all of the guidelines.

While this development is a big step in the slow-moving process, the Giants still have the right to challenge the A's if they move forward with the plan to move into Giants territory in San Jose.
The Times reports that both Giants president and CEO Larry Baer and A's managing partner Lew Wolff declined to comment for their story.

According to Shaikin, while the guidelines set out by MLB are unknown, one of the current mandates is not financial compensation for the loss of territorial rights.

For the A's to receive approval for a move to San Jose, 75% of MLB clubs would need to vote in favor of the relocation, meaning the Giants would only need seven clubs to side with them to block the plan.