A's to remove tarps from third deck for ALDS games
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The A's will open up the third deck at the Coliseum for the American League Divisional Series should the team advance that far.

Team spokesman Bob Rose said the tarps will come off and tickets will be sold for "view level" third-deck seats -- all upper level seats except those on Mount Davis.

The decision is in response to ticket demand for ALDS games. All tickets in the first two decks for three potential home games sold out in about two hours, Rose said.

A bit more than 12,000 extra seats are being sold, bringing the Coluseum's capacity for the ALDS to 48,146.

A decision on potential ALCS games had yet to be made.

The A's did not take the tarps off for last Year's ALDS but announced plans to remove them for the ALCS had the team advanced that far.