A's notes: Jemile Weeks among September call-ups?
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OAKLAND – Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon laughed off a comical incident from Friday night, when his closer, Fernando Rodney, was temporarily trapped inside the bathroom in the visitor’s dugout at the Coliseum.
Tampa Bay was in the midst of a two-run game-tying rally in the top of the eighth Friday when Rodney entered the bathroom and the door got jammed behind him. He was stuck in the tiny space for about 15 minutes as teammates and trainers tried to wedge him free. The handle had to be broken off to get him out.
“It was pretty funny actually,” Maddon said before Saturday’s game. “We should have put him back in there for another two runs. We would have been fine. I was just watching the game, and all of a sudden I hear voices coming from behind. I’m going, ‘What’s going on?’ Then you hear Fernando with his little Fernando-isms coming out of the bathroom.”
A Coliseum security official was showing off a brand new handle that was installed on the door Saturday.
It’s just the latest in a series of bizarre incidents that draw attention to how old and outdated the Coliseum is.
“It’s kind of funny, I guess, if it’s not you,” A’s manager Bob Melvin said. “There’s some events that take place in this building that maybe (don’t take place) in others. I think they handled it pretty well, and it looked like they had a little fun with it.”
Maddon said he wasn’t worried about his closer not being available if the situation called for it.
“I truly knew the time frame,” he said. “I wasn’t in any kind of mental panic.”
Melvin said the A’s will call up three players from the minors on Sunday, the first day rosters can expand to a maximum of 40.
The general speculation is that speedy second baseman Jemile Weeks will be among the call-ups to serve as a pinch-running option. It figures the A’s will add a reliever or two for bullpen depth as well.
Melvin said the A’s would call up more players on Tuesday, after the minor league season wraps up.
Right fielder Josh Reddick, on the disabled list with a sprained wrist, proudly wore a university of Georgai football helmet and shirt on the field during batting practice, shagging flies with the practice gear on.
“I didn’t like it,” said A’s third baseman Josh Donaldson, an Auburn alum.  “I don’t know what he’s doing.”