Beane: A's 'burdened by our venue'
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Of course Billy Beane would like more money to be able to spend on players, but to do that, the A's GM reiterated that his club needs a new ballpark. 

"At the end of the day, having more money to invest is good. I mean, our situation is somewhat burdened by our venue. We still share a stadium with the Raiders. We're trying to secure a new venue some way, some how. But until that point comes, we have to operate very much like a business, where we spend what we have, and no more."

Beane made his comments from spring training less than a week after San Jose city councilman Sam Liccardo said he'd like to sue the cross-bay Giants for continually blocking the A's move to the South Bay so they can build a much-needed new ballpark for the franchise.

The Giants maintain territorial rights over the south bay city. 

A "Blue Ribbon committee" was put in place in 2009 by Baseball commissioner Bud Selig to analyze the A's previous ballpark proposals, their current situation, and the possibility of moving the team to a nearby community. 

"Lew Wolff and the Oakland ownership group and management have worked very hard to obtain a facility that will allow them to compete into the 21st century. To date, they, like the two ownership groups in Oakland before them, have been unsuccessful in those efforts. The time has come for a thorough analysis of why a stadium deal has not been reached."

A's owner Lew Wolff said this at the time the Blue Ribbon committee was being assembled:

We are really saying that we'd love to stay in Northern California, and go to San Jose. If [the Giants'] position is this is something they want to defend, they will -- but we have to appeal to baseball. We will be asking for direction from Major League Baseball."