Baer addresses territorial rights standoff between Giants, A's
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Giants president and CEO Larry Baer appeared on MLB Network and addressed the lingering territorial rights issue between the A's and Giants. Of course, the Giants currently hold the rights to San Jose, and the A's want to build a new stadium there.

Here's what Larry Baer told MLB Network's Brian Kenny on Clubhouse Confidential.

“Our view is that it's really up to the commissioner, it's up to the baseball processees. We're not involved talking about it. It's really something that the commissioner has to sort out and figure out. Obviously the A's need a new ballpark and we hope that they get one."

In reality, his stance doesn't appear to have changed. Baer's comments really weren't any different from what he has been saying in the past.

Here's what Larry Baer had to say about the territorial rights issue last June, as part of 95.7 The Game's "Newsmakers Week."

"A: We believe that the A's do need a new ballpark. And B: We believe that the A's will stay in the area. We have no problem with the A's staying in the area. There is no assumption on our part that the A's are going to go somewhere else. And the effort should be made to find the right new ballpark for the A's."

Pretty similar. In short, don't hold your breath for a decision to be made.