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Mike Kreuser

Welcome to the online home of All A’s. Can’t get enough of the show? Well, in between episodes, this will be the place to get new content, behind the scenes looks at production and clips from the cutting room floor.

How it works: CSN California produces a new episode every month. Our team is out there for every home game providing comprehensive coverage for pregame live. We are also looking for interesting stories to give the fans the best look at and access to their Oakland A’s.

Besides baseball, interesting stories might be what these A’s do best. So much so that a 30-minute show is not enough to contain it, so we are going to give you more. Here.

Where you come in: We always want to hear from you. Tweet us @CSNAthletics using #AllAs. We hear you. What questions do you have? What story has caught your eye? It might not always make it into the show, but we will get back to you.

We’ll have fun with Oakland A’s Doppelgangers or which Athletic is the best dressed. We’ll help you get to know the guys by letting Brett Anderson explain how close he is to his dad or how Yoenis Cespedes is handling year two in the states. We’ll also share the more touching stories about how the A’s are raising money for Autism awareness in support of visiting clubhouse manager Mike Thalblum’s son, Stewy, or Ryan Cook’s involvement with Nick’s first pitch.

So welcome to All A’s online home. Come back anytime for complete coverage of your Oakland A’s.

Here are the re-air dates for All A's Episode 3:
Tue 07/02 10:30 PM
Wed 07/03 6:00 PM
Mon 07/08 3:00 PM
Tue 07/09 7:30 PM
Fri 07/12 6:00 PM
Sat 07/13 10:30 PM
Sun 07/14 12:00 PM
Fri 07/19 10:30 PM

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Mike Kreuser is the producer of All A's. Follow him on Twitter @MikeKreuser.