Al Davis gets last laugh
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Most people exhausted their Lane Kiffin hilarity by 10 a.m. Sunday, but in Oakland, where the legend was created, something was missing – namely, Al Davis to point out how right he was about Kiffin.

Of course, Al was also the first one to be wrong about Kiffin too, but that’s the beauty of history. You can pick the facts you like for whatever your own project is.

In the meantime, let’s hope he can light the flame at the Coliseum in four weeks against Pittsburgh . . . you know, one of those bygones-be-bygones things. Of course, the Raiders would have to send a driver to Southern California for him, because he might be a little jumpy about LAX for a while.


By the way, I want to believe that Arizona State got into the Associated Press Top 25 because of their role in getting Kiffin fired. I am also surprised that none of the voters gave USC a 25th-place vote for the same reason.


Of course Henderson Alvarez throws a no-hitter for the Marlins. Of course he has to wait until his teammates score a run in the bottom of the ninth to get it. Of course it’s on a wild pitch.

And of course he made $507,900 this year – barely over the major league minimum. Otherwise, he couldn’t be a Marlin.


The NFL is still trying to quietly agitate for an 18-game schedule, and now is mulling a 14-team playoff setup. And why do I, a typically suspicious type, think the league is floating the second one to help grease the skids for the first?

And remember, it isn’t a tinfoil hat if you can bake a potato in it.


It’s hard to get a real feel for Barry Zito’s place in the Giants’ historical firmament, but the love affair for him Sunday probably would not have been possible without Bruce Bochy pulling him from his final start for a pinch-hitter. The gushing ovation, which included many cheers from people who cursed him three generations down the line for accepting money hurled at him by Peter Magowan, was for a lot of things in his career – being a good soldier in 2010, being a positive contributor in 2012, and being remarkably un-pain-in-the-ass-ish throughout his Giant career, but Bochy gave him that sympathetic tinge Wednesday by trying to beat the Dodgers more than he tried to give Zito a warm sendoff.

[BAGGARLY: Zito rides a wave of emotion in sendoff appearance]

I’m not saying he planned it that way, mind you. I’m just saying he had four more lineup cards, and he used his last one to get Zito his real last goodbye. Now, it’s a life of being Kirk Rueter 2.0, if he wants it.


And finally, so long Walter White. Good luck in the animated sequel business.