Woodson: 'Wasn’t a good sign' leaving 49ers without deal
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Editor's note: Free agent defensive back Charles Woodson joined NFL AM on NFL Network Friday morning. Below is a transcript of his comments.

On what he can bring to an NFL team:

“I am a football player. I am not a corner, I am not a safety; I am just a guy that can play football. You can put me in anywhere on that field, in any situation, and I am going to get it done. I call myself ‘Seasoning Salt:’ You can put me in anything and I will make it better. I am just waiting on an opportunity.”

On if  he is in serious talks with any team:

“Nothing substantial; I am just waiting around. We put feelers out and there isn’t much right now. Just being patient. I went through this one time… coming out of Oakland. I am in that same situation now. Just have to be a little patient. I will land somewhere and help somebody win.”

On if he could return to Green Bay or replace S Ed Reed in Baltimore:

“I can’t really speculate because I haven’t heard anything from Baltimore or really anyone else for that matter. Until I hear something, I can’t really even answer that question.”

On a number of veteran NFL players still available in free agency:

“That just how it goes with older guys in the NFL. I am 36 years old, so, of course,  I am considered ancient in the game right now. If you are an older guy, they kind of push you to the side and maybe they will look at you later down the road and when they figure  they can get you much cheaper than what you are asking for. I don’t worry too much about it right now.”

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On  the possibly of joining the San Francisco 49ers:

“I was up there three or four weeks ago and they let me get out of there, so that wasn’t a good sign so I don’t know if that is going to happen or not.”