Why do 49ers often start slow?
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One trend to watch today is the slow starting 49ers. Under Colin Kaepernick the team has started slow. Check out the quarterback rating for Colin by quarter the last four games:


I picked four games as the barometer because since the 7-0 lead after the 1st quarter at New England five games ago, the team has only scored one touchdown in the 1st quarter. Looking at it game by game starts with the debacle in Seattle, when they fell behind 14-0 after one quarter. That was followed by a game at Candlestick just a month ago. I was at that game and there were chants of "we want Alex" echoing in my ears. Against perhaps the worst team in the league at that point, the 49ers trailed 3-0. After that the Pack's pick six started things off in the team's first playoff game and though they rebounded to score a touchdown, they still trailed 14-7 after quarter one. Finally the Falcons ... we know how that started 14-0 after the 1st quarter.

Of course, we all know the good news and the QB rating numbers reflect that. Colin and his offensive mates get much better after the 1st quarter break. They've outscored their last four opponents 96-69 after the 1st quarter. It doesn't hurt that the defense also gets fairly amazing, especially after halftime. I'm not sure what happens in those halftime speeches but it seems to be working. They have doubled up their opponents 62-31 since the half in the last four games.

So as you're watching, if the 49ers are trailing early, don't fret; if recent trends hold, it will get better.

Lee Siegel is the assistant news director for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.