Vernon Davis on Seahawks: 'They are building a dynasty'
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San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis talked with NFL Network's Jeff Darlington Tuesday at the NFL's Rookie Symposium and had some interesting comments about his team's top division rival, the Seattle Seahawks.

Here's what Davis said, courtesy of the NFL Network:
“I think it is a great division. You have a team like Seattle who is coming up. They are building a dynasty over there. They have some good players over there who are eager to win. These guys are starving. We have to really keep that in mind because these guys are coming to take us out. I respect them, just like I respect my team, but we want to win too. We are in it to win. We don’t want to lose, especially after last year. We get all the way to the Super Bowl [and] lose the game.  We have to really take it upon our responsibility and put it all out there and play each game like it is our last game.”

What do you think 49ers fans? Is there a dynasty-in-the-making in Seattle or is Davis just paying his respects to the competition?