Superdome loses power
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With the Ravens out to a big lead in the second half of the Super Bowl, a power outage stopped the game for more than 30 minutes during the third quarter.

For a few moments all of the lights went out in the stadium, and lights gradually came back on around the roof of the New Orleans Mercedes Benz Superdome. At the time of the power outage, the Ravens lead the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 28-6 with 13:28 left in the third quarter. The lights went out at 8:38 p.m. EST. 

After a dominant first half gave the Ravens a 21-6 halftime lead, the Ravens pounced quickly in the second half to expand their lead. Receiving the kickoff to start the second half, speedy Ravens return man Jacoby Jones caught the ball nine yards deep in the end zone. Though the safe play was to take a knee, Jones sprinted out of the end zone and found a running lane. Getting down the field almost untouched, Jones tied a Super Bowl record with a 109-yard touchdown return giving the Ravens the 28-6 lead.

The 49ers had the ball in their own territory when the lights went out.