SNL skit brings Lewis to tears -- though not literally
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Saturday Night Live had some fun with Ray Lewis, and he had some back Monday.

Was Lewis upset about the depiction in last week’s episode? Not even close.

Comedian Kenan Thompson portrayed Lewis, wearing his No. 52 Ravens jersey and mocking his emotional outbursts throughout his final playoff run.

"That's the second time that he's actually imitated me. I just thought it was hilarious. Somebody sent it to me actually last night,” Lewis said of watching a video clip. “When I saw it I laughed so hard I was in tears last night laughing about it.”

Lewis, who is retiring after 17 seasons when the Ravens play the San Francisco 49ers in the Feb. 3 Super Bowl, will shout passages from Scripture and can be seeing crying on several occasions. When the Ravens came from behind to upset the Denver Broncos on the road 38-35 in double-overtime, his emotions were on full display.

“Ray, a lot of us saw you cry last week during the national anthem,” SNL’s Seth Meyers during the mock interview.

Said a choked-up Lewis, er, Thompson: “It’s just that I never heard that song before.”

The Ravens arrived in New Orleans on Monday for Super Bowl week. This is Lewis’ second trip after so many close calls in years past. He wears his Christian faith on his sleeve.

“It's good to be able to joke about certain things,” he said. “What I do is very serious, but for them to put it in a skit the way they did, and for him to play it the way he did, it was awesome."