Revis: Trade to 49ers would be 'awesome'
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It has been reported that the New York Jets are "shopping" four-time Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis.

One of the teams that could be a landing spot for the three-time First-Team All-Pro corner is the San Francisco 49ers.

Former 49er, and current Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson, caught up with Revis on his latest "Real Rob Report" webisode.

Robinson asked Revis about his rehab, his relationship with Rex Ryan, the status of the Jets, and of course, the rampant trade rumors:

Robinson: "Do you think San Francisco's current roster, with the addition of a Darrelle Revis, puts them in the Super Bowl?"

Revis: "You gotta tip your hat off to them for what they did last year. This is a team with a great coach, and with great players on their team. I mean they did it without me last year. So for me, looking at their roster and their team, I would just be an addition to help them win that trophy. Would it be awesome? I mean yeah. My main goal as a player is to hold that Lombardi Trophy up in the air and wear that ring. They are definitely a contender and will be a contender for the next couple years... We'll see."

Your thoughts 49ers fans?