Random Super Bowl week facts
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The things you see and hear during Super Bowl week, with all the media coverage, are amazing. Just this morning I heard three things that caught my attention:

1) Former 49ers kicker Joe Nedney told a fascinating story (video is attached) on 49ers Press Conference Live Wednesday about Patrick Willis. In Willis' rookie year when Joe was still kicking, they went to dinner and Patrick was going over dinner table etiquette with a number of 49ers players. Willis was giving out pointers on which fork to use when, and all the stuff Ms. Manners specializes in.  Patrick Willis=Mr. Manners?  Didn’t know that.

2) Got a press release from Zoosk.com, the romantic social network. Here’s what their poll on the Harbaugh brothers said:

82% of women think Ravens coach John Harbaugh is the sexier brother while 58% of men and women think Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers team, will win the Super Bowl XLVII.” John is apparently the sexier brother … Didn’t know that.

3) Somehow Vernon Davis in his press session Wednesday morning ended up being asked about the USA's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and his thoughts on the stock market and the debt ceiling.  Can’t say it was real insightful stuff.  He was trying to be courteous and play along.  It all ended up with this beauty from him….”Debt…debt is bad.”  

Okay, I did know that, but during Super Bowl week, you never know what you will learn.

Lee Siegel is the assistant news director for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area