Pereira: Good no call on last play to Crabtree
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Much of the talk from the 49ers’ 34-31 loss to the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII has focused on their final four plays deep in Baltimore territory with time winding down.

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Mike Pereira, who used to serve as the NFL’s Vice president of officiating from 2004 to 2009, and currently a football-officiating analyst on FOX, chimed in with a column on the 49ers’ last play of that ill-fated trip into Ravens territory.

Pereira says the non-call on cornerback Jimmy Smith – an apparent hold of Michael Crabtree that appeared to have prevented the 49ers receiver from elevating to catch Colin Kaepernick’s high throw – was the right decision.


"Kaepernick lofted a pass to Michael Crabtree, who was being guarded by Jimmy Smith. Both players were hand fighting and when you look at this play in real time, there's not enough to call pass interference against either player. Smith had a quick grab and Crabtree had a quick push-off. Smith went down on the play and the pass fell incomplete. Crabtree never complained and it's the type of play where a flag thrown against either team would have, in my mind, created more controversy than a decision not to throw the flag. By the way, it couldn't be defensive holding because the pass was in the air when the contact occurred. It's either offensive pass interference or defensive pass interference. It was not an obvious foul and until I looked at it in slow motion, it seemed like no foul at all. It's not a penalty I would want called if I were still VP of Officiating for the NFL.”

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