NFL: Whitner, Davis receive $7,875 fines
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The NFL on Friday announced fines of 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis and safety Donte Whitner for the same amount – for entirely different reasons.

Both players were fined $7,875, a league spokesman said. Davis was fined for overly aggressive play, while Whitner was fined because of his wardrobe.

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Davis was penalized 15 yards in the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ 29-3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night for his unnecessary roughness against Seahawks defensive player O’Brien Schofield. His actions also drew a fine from the league office.

Whitner's infraction was wearing all-white socks, which is against the league’s uniform code.

Tight end Vance McDonald was not fined for his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and Aldon Smith was not fined for unnecessary roughness.

Two notable Seahawks players also escaped fines. Guard J.R. Sweezy executed a legal block when he cut 49ers nose tackle Ian Williams from behind at ankle level. Williams sustained a season-ending broken ankle on the play.

Also, running back Marshawn Lynch appeared to strike 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis outside the tackle box with the crown of his helmet in the second quarter. A new NFL rule prohibits a ballcarrier from lining up an opponent, lowering his head and using the crown of the helmet to strike a defender outside the tackle box in open space. Lynch was not penalized on the play. The NFL declined to comment on the play, but it is believed the ruling was that Lynch was not clearly lining up Willis.