McCoy: 'It's good to get a new fresh start'
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Did the Browns keep you in the loop when they were looking for trades? Did you know the 49ers were one of the teams?

Not exactly. I actually showed up in Cleveland yesterday to start the offseason. Didn't really know what was going to happen, there was a lot of speculation. At the end of the day yesterday, I was a 49er and I couldn't have been more happy.

What's your reaction to being a 49er?

First off, there's a lot of emotions going on. I definitely loved my time in Cleveland, I have nothing but great thanks to the city, to the fans, the organization. There was lots of ups and downs. But I really appreciate everything that I went through, the things that I learned, the way I grew. By the time I got my emotions in check, I was really pleased to come here to San Francisco. It's a great opportunity, a great staff, great locker room, very well run organization. I say all that and I've been here for a half a day but it's becoming very obvious.

Do you think you got a fair shake in Cleveland?

I want to stay away from that topic. There were some very positive, high moments there and there were also some low times. It was unfortunate the way that it all went down and ended, but again I have no hard feelings toward those guys and wish them nothing but the best.

How do you feel about playing for Jim Harbaugh?

I've watched coach Harbaugh since he was at Stanford. I've played with some guys who were with him at Stanford. Just watching his offense play, I think we do a lot of things similarly, and again, I'll be new to it but I'm excited to get going.

Have you been able to crack open the playbook? Is it similar to Cleveland's?

I have the playbook, I've been in meetings with them all morning. It's been great, a lot of the same things, you get to understand they've been around this game for a long time. They know offense like the back of their hand. My job is to learn everything quickly, get used to the terms, the way they do things, practice, the way we work. There are some things that carry over, some similarities and some new things. Really going to bear down, get to work and excited about this opportunity.

Did you need to leave Cleveland for a fresh start?

It happened this way, so I kind of live and never look back. There were some great things that went on and some times that I learned from. I have no hard feelings. That's probably a shock for some people to hear that but at the end of the day, I think I'm where I'm supposed to be...

The 49ers run the pistol offense, can you see yourself working into that skill set?

I hope so - the read option and the pistol, they've done a great job with Colin Kaepernick and his skills. We did a lot of that when I was in college, I feel capable of doing that, but again, I need to spend some time with the playbook..

Did you ask your agent to get you out of Cleveland?

I told him that I wanted what was best. I think there was a situation that would hopefully work out best for us, me and the Browns organization. I think the focus here - it was a quick turnaround, quick change of events, lots of emotions. I was drafted in Cleveland, experienced ups and downs over the 3 years but I want to compete. Learn the playbook, be the very best I can be to help this organization win.

How exciting is it for you to go from a team that's rebuilding to a team that was in the Super Bowl?

It's pretty exciting, it really is. It's good to get a new fresh start, a new opportunity. And to do it with a team with a locker room full of talent, obviously and even better players and a coaching staff who is unbelievable and an organization that's extremely well run. I've heard nothing but good things about this place and now that I've been here for a few hours I've seen how they've experienced so much success.

How are you health-wise?

Health-wise, I'm great. My body feels really good. Some things I think about the positive things that I had to go through last year and one of them is my body's extremely healthy. I feel really good, really confident, my shoulder feels well. That year, last year to really focus on that and get healthy is a positive thing. I try to look on the bright side. Obviously the concussion was two years ago but I'm definitely over that.

Do you feel they handled that the right way?

I believe that, I do. I don't think anyone would intentionally put someone out there to harm them. There's been lots of talk about that, it was a long time ago and I'd rather not bring it up again. The most important thing is health-wise I feel great. My body feels good, my mind is set on coming in here and learning this system, being a great teammate, meeting these guys and helping them accomplish all of our dreams and that's to win a Super Bowl.

What would you like to say to Cleveland fans?

It happened so fast and it's been good to have last night and this morning as I was on the plane flying over. Want to leave as positive as we can. I thank the fans, I thank the city, I thank the organization. From the bottom of my heart, I really hope the fans and city can see an organization that consistently makes the playoff and accomplishes their dream. I wish them all the best, I probably didn't mention it enough how much I did appreciate the experience. The ups and downs, the challenge that we faced I would have loved to seen that through. Hopefully this is a better fit for me and a better fit for Cleveland. They deserve a winner, and I'll always be grateful for my time there.

How did talks go with Harbaugh today?

We had lunch today, I'm scheduled to go back up there and spend the rest of the day today. We haven't played catch, I had to do my physical and things all morning, been occupied with that.