Kaepernick's meal of champions
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Could Five Guys Burgers and Fries be the Next Meal of Champions? According to NFC Champion Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, it already is. Before he was the 49ers starting quarterback, Kaepernick was dining at “Five Guys” in San Jose, just moments away from the 49ers Practice Facility. Even with his tattoos showing, the young quarterback went seemingly unnoticed among the diners at “Five Guys”, but for owner Jim Nichol and his employees, they knew right away who Kaepernick was when he first walked in.

“I don’t think many people realized who he was at first,” said longtime 49er fan Nichol, “but now they certainly know who he is.”

But the “Five Guys” employees said that even though Kaepernick’s status has changed, as moved to a starting role and now will be playing in the NFL’s most celebrated game of the season, they confirmed he’s still the same “kind, humble guy” he was from Day 1.

Kaepernick appears to be a creature of habit, as well. The QB sits at the same table for 2 right next to the kitchen, as he watches his plain double cheeseburger be made, although Kap does spice things up with an order of large fries with extra Cajun seasoning.