Kaepernick 'nails' diagnosis of foot condition
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SANTA CLARA -- Finally, there’s a specific answer as to what ails 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Well, kind of...

Twice this season, Kaepernick’s name has shown up on the 49ers’ injury report with an undisclosed foot injury. Coach Jim Harbaugh said last week that the 49ers were just following NFL rules with the disclosure of Kaepernick's injury. But Harbaugh declined to offer any specifics.

When asked about his foot condition on Wednesday, Kaepernick identified it as “a hang nail.”

What toe?

“Um, the pinkie toe,” he answered dryly.

Right or left foot?

“Uh, both.”

Kaepernick appeared to be joking. While the exact nature of Kaepernick’s foot issue remains a mystery, there is not much of an explanation for his declining rushing numbers, either.

In seven regular-season starts a year ago, Kaepernick rushed for 415 yards and five touchdowns. In three playoff games, Kaepernick added 284 yards rushing and three touchdowns, including a 181-yard performance against the Green Bay Packers.

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But the dual-threat quarterback has not provided much of a threat this season with his legs. Through the first six games, Kaepernick has gained just 172 yards on 31 attempts.

Kaepernick ranks fifth in the NFL among quarterbacks in rushing yards. Even Alex Smith (180) has more rushing yards with the Kansas City Chiefs.