Joe Montana joins Twitter
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Really, he's a man of few words. We now have a chance to see exactly how few. 

Joe Montana is on Twitter. 

His Twitter page reads:

joseph montana


"Notre Dame 1977 National Champion 4 x Super Bowl Champion 3 x Super Bowl MVP HOF 2000"

Nice little summary for someone who we can safely say is the greatest 49ers quarterback of all time. Here's Joe's first ever tweet: 

It's unlikely that Montana would take the stage during Super Bowl week -- on Twitter or on camera --  to declare himself the greatest at his position like Randy Moss did earlier on Tuesday.  But whatever Joe says, 49ers fans on Twitter know he's a must follow. 

And while we have you here... is Joe Montana the greatest quarterback -- for any team --  of all time? If not him, who? Brady? Elway? Bradshaw (he has four rings, too)?  Favre? Marino? 

Geoff James is the senior producer for CSNBayArea.com